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About Us

About us?
This is a group for all them fans of Megaman's Universe. Our motto:

!!if you love Megaman and the great art, you love the Megaman Universe in deviantART!!

Become a Bigger Fan Community for future.

You can contribute with your art about the next theme:
- Megaman Classic
- Megaman Legends
- Megaman X
- Megaman Zero
- Megaman ZX
- Megaman NT Warrior
- Megaman Starforce
- and Others...

MU's Rules:

1. For join to us, please send a request.
2. You can contribute with art about "Megaman", no more.
3. You can't insult others MU's members, you must apreciate the art and the artist too.
4. Warning: You can't contribute with official art of Rockman or by other companies. We know who are you!
5. You can't submit deviations of OC's (fan characters), unless they appear with some of the original characters from the games.
6. It IS allowed re-versions of original characters :)
7. Be happy with us.




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About Us

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